This spring, PSU took official steps to modify the Computer Science/Information Systems degree program, changing the coursework and focus of the major.

Now, the Department of Computer Science-Information Systems will no longer offer the Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Students can still pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in information systems, now housed in the Department of Accounting, which has been renamed the Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems. Students majoring in Information Systems may select an emphasis from System Design or Information Assurance and Computer Security.

The merger with the Department of Accounting creates an opportunity for collaboration between the System Design emphasis and Accounting Systems as well as between the Information Assurance and Computer Security emphases and the Fraud Examination and Internal Audit minors.

The decision to modernize the coursework was carefully made, said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lynette Olson, based on what today’s students were needing out of the program.

“We found that we needed to make the program more relevant for what our graduates are being asked to do today, and we believe changing the focus will make it more attractive to students who want to go into these fields.”

Students already enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science program will be allowed to finish, Olson said, with the final graduates finishing by 2013. Faculty are also relatively unaffected by the change: professors who taught in the former degree program will now teach courses through the Department of Accounting or the Department of Engineering Technology.