President Scott

As the fiscal year ended in June, President Steve Scott took a few minutes to thank the university community and friends of PSU for their efforts in getting through a very tough budget year.

“On campus, everyone from administrators and faculty and staff, to physical plant workers and part-time student employees have pulled together so the university could continue to serve students in one of the most difficult budget years in the university’s history,” Scott said.

Off campus, Scott said, there were many others who served critical roles.

“Some local legislators made difficult decisions to prevent even more drastic cuts to higher education and alumni and community members added their voices to those calling for an end to cuts to university budgets,” Scott said. “We appreciate their courage and their commitment to education.”

President Scott said the difficult budget year ahead could have been much worse if the current budget plan had not been passed. As it is, the university is facing a 2010-2011 budget that is essentially at the same level as 2006.

“Although we were pleased that the final state budget plan didn’t require additional cuts beyond those we’ve already absorbed, that doesn’t mean the months ahead will be easy,” Scott said. “We need to prepare for the end of the stimulus money and for a range of higher costs over time. I really appreciate the efforts I’ve seen across campus to use our limited resources wisely and to come up with creative ideas for saving money.”

Scott said the university has approached the budget crisis as a shared responsibility.

“At the budget forums, I’ve seen faces from every department on campus and there have been very good questions,” Scott said. “These candid, open discussions have been key to our shared understanding of the issues we face and to finding solutions to some of our problems.”

The president pledged to keep the lines of communication open in the months ahead and to share information as it becomes available.

“We’ll have more budget forums in the future,” Scott said, “and I’ll post relevant news stories and other information in the budget area of my web pages as it comes along. And I need feedback, as well. It is important that we keep the information flowing in both directions.”

The president added that he will have additional budget information posted to a page he has created that is devoted to the university’s budget: