A family of former teachers has created a scholarship for education majors that will make a big impact on students for many years to come.

Felix Shular (’39) of Arcadia, and his sisters Mary Shular Logan (’41) of Wichita and Rose Shular Campbell (’42) of Pittsburg recently established the Shular Family Scholarship, which is making an immediate impact by providing financial assistance to 20 students this spring and fall. The family also endowed a portion of their contribution to provide scholarships well into the future.

The children of immigrants John and Mary Shular, Felix, Mary and Rose, as well as their late brother John (’41), were determined to get great educations. They found success at PSU. Graduating with a variety of degrees, the four all pursued careers in teaching and together accrued more than 100 years in education.

Now in their 90s, (Felix died in May) the Shular siblings are pleased to see their scholarship fund making a big difference in the lives of students.

For more information on giving to PSU, contact the Office of University Development at 620-235-4768.