Gloria Flynn

Gloria Flynn used her acceptance of the College of Education’s Excellence in Teaching Award as an opportunity to encourage scholarships. Flynn received the award at the Clyde U. Phillips Awards and Scholarship Ceremony.

Flynn, SSLS, told scholarship donors that their gifts have effects beyond what they know.

“Know that your dollars certainly extend further than a nine-month school period,” Flynn said. “You likely will never know the complete branching effects of your generosity…but you should be assured that it happens.”

Flynn used her own family experience to illustrate the power of scholarships.

“In 1961, my mother was a single parent raising two teenagers, a preteen, and two toddlers,” Flynn recalled. “Her oldest child was a senior in high school who, along with my mother, had been saving her money so she could attend college after graduation. Their efforts were thwarted by unfortunate circumstances and the money was just not there for sis to attend college.”

Because of scholarships, however, that sister (Marilyn Graham Bishop) did go on to college, earning both a BSED and an MS from PSU.

Flynn then asked, “What if my sister had not gone to college? Children in classrooms in Fredonia, Neodesha, and Pittsburg would have never had the opportunity to have Mrs. Bishop as their teacher. It has been overwhelming the number of people who, upon discovering Marilyn Bishop is my sister, have told me how much they loved her or that she was their favorite teacher or that their kids just loved Mrs. Bishop.”

Flynn urged the students receiving scholarships to thank donors for their gifts and also to not let them down.

“These folks have faith in you and trust you will be wise in your decisions,” Flynn said.