PSU President Steve Scott frequently says that conserving finite resources and encouraging a culture that strives for sustainability is the right thing to do for future generations. Now the campus has embraced that goal.

The University Strategic Planning Council gave its approval to the addition of sustainability as a sixth goal in the university’s strategic plan in April. President Scott made his case for adding the goal in a series of campus forums and a draft of the proposed goal got campus scrutiny before its adoption.

“I am extremely pleased with the enthusiasm with which the campus has embraced this concept,” Scott said. “Clearly the time is right to include sustainability in our planning process.”
The new sustainability goal calls for the university to “institutionalize environmental sustainability into all university activities including operations, teaching and learning, discovery and engagement.” It joins five established goals:

1. Enhance learner success
2. Enhance discovery and research
3. Enhance engagement and interaction with external stakeholders to stimulate cooperative and progressive growth and development
4. Embrace emerging technologies
5. Obtain the resources necessary to support the university’s strategic goals while maintaining sound fiscal management strategies that are clearly articulated to all constituents

The university uses these strategic goals to drive planning across campus and each department and unit measures progress against the goals.

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