To accommodate the rapidly growing number of users who access the Internet through their smart phones, PSU has launched a mobile-friendly web site.

“We’ve seen a dramatic growth in the number of users who come to our website on their iPhones and other smart phones,” said Michael Fienen, PSU director of web marketing. “This is a global trend that is just going to get bigger, and it’s important to address it early.”

Mobile university sites are still rare, Fienen said. “To make the web pages usable for smart phones, you really need to create a simple page with fewer images and graphics. The goal is to create an easy way for users to get information. Making a mobile site well isn’t about just  making existing pages fit on a phone, it’s about addressing the specific needs of users on mobile devices.”

The university’s new mobile site will initially work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Palm Pre and Android-based handheld phones. It will not yet work on Windows Mobile and Blackberry phones, but Fienen said he is working to expand the feature.

To visit the new mobile PSU site, point your mobile device’s web browser at (don’t use the www in the web address). An ‘about’ page answers questions and describes the mobile site’s features.