In the spring of 2010, the university began the exciting work of developing a new master plan for the campus.

“The current master plan was developed a little more than a decade ago,” said President Steve Scott. “Many things have changed since that plan was put in place and many of the major components of that plan have been accomplished. Now it is time to prepare for the next decade.”

The first step in the process was the selection of an experienced firm to guide the planning. After presentations from several highly qualified firms, PSU selected the architectural firm of Gould Evans.

“They have extensive experience in doing this kind of planning with other universities,” said Paul Stewart, director of facilities planning. “They have very good experience with constituent group engagement.”

That engagement, which included meetings with community stakeholders over the summer months, is part of the research phase of the process, which will run through September.

President Scott said a very important part of the master planning process will be a series of meetings with campus and community groups.

“An effective master plan is more than just a list of where to stick new buildings,” Scott said. “It has its genesis in the university’s strategic plan. It takes into account existing structures and systems, the changing needs and expectations of students and evolving technology.”

Scott said it is important to keep the campus and the public informed and involved throughout the master plan’s development.

“It is important that the campus and community participate in the presentations and forums that will take place over the next several months,” Scott said. “We will also post information and updates regularly on the university’s web site.”

Stewart said the timeline calls for a draft master plan to be completed and ready for consideration for approval in the spring of 2011.

“There’s a lot of work to do in a relatively short time,” Stewart said. “but I know the result will be worth the effort.”