The 10-year, $120-million Campaign for Pittsburg State University cameto a conclusion with fireworks and celebration last September. All told,the campaign raised $122,727,266 for everything from scholarships tomajor capital improvements on campus.

PSU President Steve Scott said the campaign has made the universitymuch stronger than it would have been had the fundraising effort nottaken place.

“Just imagine what Pittsburg State University would be today if wehad not embarked on this ambitious plan a decade ago,” Scott said.

The results are impressive. Student scholarships were doubled,and money was targeted for student development, campusinternationalization and the Faculty of Distinction program. Bricksand-mortar projects included the Student Recreation Center andKansas National Guard Armory, the Bryant Student Health Center,the Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, the Tyler Research Center, theJungletron, the Bicknell Sports Complex and the expansion of Carnie Smith Stadium.

“The Campaign for Pittsburg State University has been successfulbecause of the hard work and generosity of loyal friends and alumniof the university,” Scott said. “We want to thank them and take timeto reflect on how their support has transformed this great university.”

Dr. Brad Hodson, vice president for university advancement, saidthe campaign demonstrated a bold vision for PSU.

“Ten years ago, a $120 million campaign was very rare for a publicuniversity our size,” Hodson said. “It was admittedly ambitious, butour success is proof that to succeed, you need to dream big.”