Anna Allen

Anna Allen

Anna Allen, a PSU alumna, gave College of Business students a picture of what working in international business is really like during an Executive on Campus presentation this past spring.

Allen, currently the interim state director of operations for the March of Dimes in Kansas, talked to students about her extensive career working for companies operating globally and she shared with them some of the lessons she learned along the way.

Allen, who received a degree in finance from PSU, began her career as a public accountant and worked her way up to top-level management. She has worked for a variety of companies and was CFO of two different divisions of Duke Energy (formerly Cinergy), a worldwide company.

The stories of her experiences traveling and living in other parts of the world for her job were valuable for students hoping to work internationally.

She advised students to accept that not everything is within their control and encouraged them to find balance between work and life. She urged them to always continue their learning (especially foreign languages) and stressed the value of doing well in school, networking early and earning real job experience while still in school.

“PSU has done so well in advancing international programs. I’m amazed at how many accomplished PSU graduates there are who have gone on to work for big companies,” Allen said.