What happens when you combine a Gorilla’s love for Pittsburg State University with their passion for politics? You get the Gorilla Legislative Network.

“We were hearing from a number of alumni and friends of PSU who wanted to become more involved in helping the university at the legislative level,” said Johnna Schremmer, director of alumni and constituent relations. “The Gorilla Legislative Network turned out to be the perfect way to connect our many supporters and keep them informed about topics that are important to Pittsburg State and our community.”

The idea caught on quickly and even Schremmer was surprised by the response.

“We weren’t certain how long it would take to recruit members,” said Schremmer. “We knew we had hit upon a good idea when more than 200 people signed up in the first few weeks.”

The new members undoubtedly helped Pittsburg State and the region during one of the most challenging legislative sessions in recent history.

“Although PSU did see another cut in state aid, we also enjoyed some success,” Schremmer explained. “After years of hard work by a number of groups, we were finally able to secure funding for our School of Construction. In addition, the governor included the expansion of Highway 69 from Fort Scott to Arma in the state’s new transportation plan. All in all, it was a good first year and I’m excited about the future of the GLN.”

The Gorilla Legislative Network is open to anyone with a passion for politics and Pittsburg State University. To learn more visit pittstate.edu/gln.