Pittsburg State is setting records bothfor the conferring of degrees and forenrollment. In 2010, PSU granted 1,648degrees, breaking a record set just theyear before. At the same time, fall 2010headcount enrollment was 7,131, justunder the record of 7,277 set in 2009.

PSU officials said healthy enrollmentincreases in several categories helpedoffset the record numbers lost throughgraduation.

“Headcount is off just a bit, butwe’re teaching more credit hours thanever before and setting records inother categories,” said President SteveScott. “The university continues tobe on an upward trend of moderate,managed growth,” Scott said. “We hadan increase of almost 8 percent in zerohourfreshmen and a nearly 24 percentincrease in new graduate students. Thenumber of students from Missouri andOklahoma in the Gorilla Advantageprogram also increased by about5 percent.”

Dr. Bill Ivy, dean of enrollmentmanagement and student success,said that despite the small decrease inheadcount, the university was pleasedwith the numbers and what they meanfor PSU’s future. He said a breakdownof the fall numbers showed some verypositive signs for the university lookingahead.

“This fall, there are 1,253 studentsliving in the residence halls,” Ivy said.”That’s a 19 percent increase over lastyear and the most in the university’shistory.”

Ivy said the number of veteranson campus is also increasing, in partbecause of the new GI Bill. In the fall,205 veterans were enrolled at PSU, a53 percent increase since 2008. Ofthose, 87 are studying under the newGI Bill.

The university is also looking tonorthwest Arkansas as an importantarea for growth in the future. In 2010,the Kansas Board of Regents approvedthe university’s request to add twocounties in northwest Arkansas to itsGorilla Advantage program.