Faced with the possibility of severe cuts in state aid to public broadcasting, listeners to KRPS radio rallied to exceed the station’s spring campaign goal of $77,537 by more than $11,000.

General Manager Missi Kelly said she was cheered by the fundraising campaign’s success, not just in raising dollars, but in motivating listeners, as well.

“It’s heartening to know that our loyal listeners are going to step up to support the station when they’re needed the most,” Kelly said. “Through their pledges, our listeners reaffirmed their support of the unique programming KRPS offers our area. They see the value of public radio and they made it clear they want it to continue.”

Kelly said the success belonged to every member who made a pledge.

“In all the excitement, it is important to remember that this is not my success, or the success of the KRPS staff or even of the station,” Kelly said. “This success belongs to every donor who made a pledge. It belongs to every KRPS member who believes public radio is an important part of life in the four-state region and is willing to support that.”

On the final day of the drive, listeners pledged a record $36,128, Kelly said. An added incentive that day was a pledge from an anonymous donor to match gifts at the rate of two to one.