In 1917 a Kansas City architectural firm sketched the university’s first masterplan. The Oval, framed by academic buildings, remains today one of PSU’s signature features. Another Kansas City architectural firm began work in recent months on a campus masterplan that could lay the foundation forwhat the campus will look like even into the next century.

“It’s pretty typical to look at a new master plan every 10 years,” said Paul Stewart, PSU’s director of facilities planning. “It’s an opportunity to align curriculum with facilities and the need for space. It will be a broad vision.”

Representatives with the firm of Gould Evans spent the fall semester learning about the campus and meeting with various groups about campus needs, sustainability goals, integrating curriculum into facilities planning, and how the next 10 years of master planning can improve learning as well as student recruitment and retention.

In October, the architects unveiled drawings reflecting general concepts that could form the foundation for a new campus master plan. Stressing that the drawings were representative of concepts and should not be taken literally, Architects Steve Clark and Dennis Straight outlined five possible ways the campus could develop over the coming decade.

“We implore you to look at them as sketches,” Clark said. “What we’re really looking for in terms of feedback is which of these arrangements, which of these patterns of buildings make sense to you in a broad brush sort of way.”

Clark said that the feedback the company gets from the sketches will help guide the team as it advances toward its goal of a specific recommendation.

“As we move toward focusing on one, two or a hybrid of these, we’ll start taking care of the details,” Clark said.

Information on the master plan, including timelines and concepts may be found at