Recent financial scandals have not only shaken the economy, they have also inspired businesses and industries to look for a new generation of employees who will help them meet higher standards of accountability. A program at PSU is preparing students for this new role.

A growing number of PSU business students are taking advantage of a unique relationship between the PSU Internal Auditing program and an international organization that is giving them an edge.

Pittsburg State is one of only 41 schools in the world to be partnered with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), a global professional organization that provides its schools with special resources for auditing courses. For students who will pursue a career in internal auditing, the unique certification they can achieve through the IIA sets them apart.

“There are certain companies looking for the best in internal audit, and we’re seeing them come back to recruit again and again,” said Becky Heath, an accounting professor at PSU and director of the Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP). “Companies are aware of what this program is, and they see it as a plus.”

Pittsburg State is the only university in Kansas to have this partnership.