It is hard to imagine any young man was ever more excited about sliding behind the wheel of a new vehicle as was Anson Pruneda this past May.

Student designs a winner for ROTC

Pruneda, an art major and student employee in the Department of Military Science, was one of the first in the driver’s seat when a new Humvee, covered in images depicting PSU ROTC, rolled into town. He was given the honor because it was his design that won a national competition, for which the top prize was the use of the Hummer for a year.

The design, called “Evolution of an Officer,” covers both sides, the front and rear portions of the vehicle, and includes photographs of various aspects of an ROTC cadet’s life.

ROTC officials plan to put the Hummer to good use in the coming year. They expect it to be a great marketing tool for the ROTC program and for the university as a whole.