Treadmill goes off the gridNow even an early morning workout can be environmentally friendly.

Earlier this year, the Student Recreation Center installed its first “human-powered” treadmill. Vince Daino, director of campus recreation, said the new EcoMill uses a battery that is recharged as the user walks or runs. The fact that the machine does not need to be plugged into an outlet is one of its important advantages.

“A standard treadmill needs to be near an outlet, but self-powered treadmills can be located anywhere,” Daino said.

Users also like the fact that they’re not using additional electricity when they exercise, Daino said.

Daino said that next year he hopes to add a second self-powered treadmill to the fitness center and expects a day not far in the future when none of the popular machines will be drawing energy from the electric grid.

“It’s a small change, but small changes add up,” Daino said.