Pittsburg State University is an important place for countless Gorilla families and they express that loyalty through philanthropy that unites the generations.

The Dellasegas and Wilberts are two such families. Matriarchs Betty Dellasega and Irene Wilbert say giving to PSU became a family tradition many decades ago and they are proud that it is a tradition that has been carried on by children and now grandchildren.

“The university played such an integral part in my life,” said Dellasega, whose husband, Charles, was a business professor at PSU. “There was never any doubt about supporting the university.”

“My six children graduated from here,” said Wilbert, whose husband, Howard, was also a loyal supporter of PSU. “Pittsburg State is, in a way, part of my family.”

Nationally, younger alumni tend not to support higher education at the same rates as their parents and grandparents, but the Wilbert and Dellasega clans say they have been inspired by the example set for them.

“Pitt State has definitely played a role in our lives and we are all proud of the way that our parents and grandparents supported PSU,” Said Nick Dellasega, a 2008 graduate. “I know we want to carry that on.

For more information on how to give back to PSU, visit www.pittstate.edu/office/development/support-your-passion.dot