A PSU business alumna with an impressive career in the field of mobile gaming is helping to guide entertainment legend Atari as it redefines itself.

Maria Pacheco (’98), who was named vice president for marketing and mobile games at Atari last year, has been a key player in the company’s move to develop mobile gaming as its sole focus.

Beloved in the ‘70s and ‘80s for creating classics like Asteroids®, Breakout® and Missile Command® the company, which turns 40 next year, announced last fall that it would be releasing updated versions of its arcade classics for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Last November it released Asteroids:Gunner (the game reached #6 in the App Store) and in December launched Breakout:Boost which earned two million downloads in its first two weeks.

This spring, the company is launching new takes on old hits including Circus Atari® (February), Missile Command®, Tempest® (March), and Centipede® (April).
Pacheco, who has held key positions with companies including Sprint, Vivendi Games, and EA (Electronic Arts), said the strategy to redefine the company’s focus has pleased mobile gamers – whether they’re experiencing Atari games for the first time or falling in love all over again with the games they played as kids.

“Mobile device technology has evolved very quickly, and thanks to the launch of the iTunes App Store and Android Market the mobile games ecosystem has flourished,” she said. “It’s been a lot of fun to reimagine these titles and bring them up-to-date in terms of design and technology. The future of mobile gaming is really strong.”