As the dean of the College of Business, Dr. Paul Grimes knew he’d have a lot on his plate as he stepped into his new role last fall. But he also knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to head up one of the most well-known economics journals in the nation when he was asked to assume editorship of the famed publication The American Economist.

A historic, bi-annual journal comprised of research articles, book reviews and biographies, The American Economist has long been regarded as a leading economics publication. It had been led by Michael Szenberg, a distinguished professor at Pace University in New York City, since 1975 before Grimes took the reins.

At its core, the journal has a mission of fostering young scholars and became well-known for publishing autobiographical essays by imminent economists. As editor, Grimes will oversee a team of associates and sit on the executive board of Omicron Delta Epsilon, which founded the publication.

“I’m kind of like the conductor of a symphony. I’m learning a lot about the publishing end of things,” Grimes said. “It just blows my mind that Michael was the editor when I was a college student and he’s the one who asked me to replace him. It’s an honor to be asked to serve in this role for such a well-respected academic journal.”