It’s not as if Kara Hixon doesn’t have enough to do. As a senior nursing major, Hixon, from Olathe, Kan., is busy with challenging courses, clinical rotations and a host of other campus activities. But to an already long list of “to-do’s,” Hixon this year also added wiping out world hunger.

“I like dealing with important issues; to feel as if I’m making a difference,” Hixon said.

Hixon did make a difference. She organized an event in October at which about 400 students and community volunteers packaged more than 20,500 meals for distribution to some of the world’s poorest persons. The event, SWIPE Out Hunger, was staged at campuses across Kansas and was sponsored by Numana, a non-profit hunger relief organization.

Over several hours, volunteers put together packets that included rice, beans and other nutritious ingredients. Organizers said although small, each packet contained enough to feed six people. According to Numana, each packet cost about $1.80, making the cost of a single meal just 30 cents.

Hixson said her involvement in the project began with Barbara McClaskey, a professor in the Department of Nursing, who asked Hixon if she would like to represent PSU at a hunger dialog planned in Kansas City.

“As a future nurse, I understand the need for proper nutrition for good health,” Hixon said, “so I was interested.”

Hixon came back from that event inspired to organize the PSU event, which was more successful that anyone dreamed. Now, with plans to graduate in May, Hixon is working to sustain the hunger battle even after she has left campus.

“We’re putting together an organization on campus to keep this going,” Hixon said. “Also, we understand that hunger is an issue locally as well as in other parts of the world, so we want to work with Wesley House and other agencies in the area to include regional issues of hunger.”