A premier academic journal produced at PSU has been honored with its inclusion in a prestigious line-up of publications.

JSTOR, an organization that digitally preserves research journals at its online site (www.jstor.org) has recently invited the Journal of Managerial Issues for its “Management and Organizational Behavior” journals lineup. Only 30 journals, including publications from Ivy League schools, are included in the listing.

Dr. Bienvenido Cortes, chairman of the Department of Economics, Finance and Banking at PSU, took over leadership of JMI a few years ago when longtime editor and founder, Dr. Chuck Fischer, stepped down. The JMI, which publishes research articles by scholars from all over the world, started in 1989 and continues to be edited and managed through PSU’s Kelce College of Business.

Since its creation in 1995, the JSTOR platform has archived 7 million articles and 1,500 journals. Its user base is primarily institutions of higher learning and university libraries.

“We’re listed among a group of really top-notch management journals,” said Cortes, who said that inclusion in the JSTOR database gives JMI an opportunity to be electronically archived and easily searched and tracked.

“Our publication has developed quite a reputation over the years because of the authors we’ve published and the leadership of Chuck Fischer,” he said. “Being included in JSOTR gives us greater exposure. This is quite a feather in PSU’s cap.”