Susan Knell, an associate professor in teaching and leadership, has led numerous study trips to Russia.

“It’s a good exercise in comparative education,” Knell said.

After this spring’s trip, Knell noted that education in Russia has changed quite a bit from the days of her first visit there.

“The classrooms are still a little behind those we typically see in the U.S. as far as technology, maintenance and resources,” Knell said, “but they are making progress. They have acquired quite a bit of new technology. On my first trip, they didn’t even have overhead projectors and now there are smart boards. They are becoming more westernized.”

Knell said the U.S. students she takes on these trips always have lots of questions for their hosts and that educators and students in Russia have questions for them, as well.

“It is always a good exchange of ideas,” Knell said.