As state support for higher education dwindles, university officials find themselves relying more heavily on private giving to help fill the gap and reduce the burden on students.
In spite of these headwinds, Pittsburg State has been able to successfully move forward thanks to the generosity of its donors and the hard work of the Pittsburg State University Foundation and its board of trustees.
“We’re very lucky to have such an outstanding group of volunteers on our board,” said Dr. Brad Hodson, vice president for university advancement. “These men and women give their time and expertise to the university make certain that our donors’ gifts are properly managed.”
The results over the past 10 years have been nothing short of amazing.
“This year we’ll distribute more than $3 million in scholarships,” said Hodson. “That’s triple the amount we were able to offer just a decade ago. Private giving has played an integral role in many of the university’s recent construction projects. What’s really exciting is that our donors and trustees are making decisions that will benefit the university for generations.”
Growing demands are bringing a change to the foundation in the form of additional trustees.
“The growing size and complexity of the foundation led us to this decision,” explained Hodson. “Over the course of several years we’ll begin to increase the number of trustees up to a maximum of 100. We know that the more people we get involved with the foundation, the brighter our future will be.”