Team sports are about more than just wearing the same uniform. They’re about teamwork and communication. They’re about trust.

Pittsburg State student-athletes are taught this lesson every day during classes, at practice and during games. During a recent outing with PSU’s ROTC, the Gorillas experienced that lesson in a whole new way.

Members of the track and field, softball and men’s basketball teams went through a variety of team-building activities using the ROTC ropes course and rappel tower.

The softball and track student-athletes participated in the ropes course, which featured a variety of mental and physical drills that promoted communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

“These activities allowed us to problem solve and work as a team on an activity that was new to everyone,” softball coach Elizabeth Economon said. “ROTC is a great program. We are lucky to have them on campus with us and having worked with them will help make us a better team.”
The men’s basketball team took on the rappel tower, which requires communication and trust to conquer.

“The experience was beneficial to our team in many ways,” said head men’s basketball coach Kevin Muff. “It gave us an opportunity to work together to participate in an activity that was out of our comfort zone. It encouraged our guys to work together as a team and to encourage each other, especially those with apprehension to rappel. We also learned to trust each other and the importance of working together and following instructions to accomplish a goal.”