It’s easy for Gorilla fans to recognize the success of student-athletes on the playing field and court. But fans rarely get a chance to know when that same success occurs in the classroom.

This won’t be the case any longer thanks to a partnership between the provost’s office and university athletics. It’s called the Provost’s Award for Academic Excellence and it’s designed to recognize student-athletes who excel in the classroom.

“These truly are the best of the best in the classroom,” said PSU Provost Lynette Olson. “We wanted to create a program to celebrate academic achievement and help motivate others to perform at a high level. I’m very proud of these students.”

To be eligible for the award, student-athletes must have completed 30 semester hours toward their degree during the previous spring, summer and fall semesters while maintaining a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.5 or higher.

A total of 46 students earned the award this year. They were honored at a halftime ceremony during PSU basketball’s doubleheader on February 16 and at a dinner that included their parents, academic advisers and deans.

2012/2013 Provost Award for Academic Excellence Recipients
Avery Adair, Football
Shannon Ahlstedt, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Ashley Baier, Women’s Track & Field
Emily Ballock, Women’s Track & Field
Derek Base, Men’s Track & Field
Avery Beard, Softball
Katelyn Birchfield, Softball
Alexa Bordewick, Women’s Basketball
Cathy Brugman, Women’s Basketball
Tank Burns, Football
Dylan Case, Football
Kirby Clements, Women’s Track & Field
Conner Combes, Football
Cate Dunn, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Lisa Elmer, Women’s Basketball
Kirsten Erickson, Volleyball
Brooke Fay, Volleyball
Haylee Gregory, Volleyball
Colby Hall, Football
Eric Hansen, Baseball
Chris Heffern, Football
Lizzy Jeronimus, Women’s Basketball
Austin Leake, Football
Bridgette McCormick, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Devon McCreath, Softball
Alex Moase, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Chris Musgrove, Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Jordan Peters, Men’s Track & Field
Jalexis Peterson, Women’s Track & Field
Sam Pugh, Men’s Basketball
Buster Reddick, Baseball
Hailey Roderique, Women’s Basketball/Track & Field
Scott Roderique, Football
McKenzie Rynard, Softball
Abbie Smith, Volleyball
Chas Smith, Football
Delaney Smith, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Whitney Southard, Women’s Track & Field
Kaley Temaat, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Erica Testa, Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Deron Washington, Football
Tony Weiss, Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field
Tessa Westhoff, Women’s Track & Field
Kristina Willis, Women’s Basketball
Monica Wuertz, Women’s Track & Field
Sam Wyatt, Volleyball