Two competitors in the Science Day paper tower competition hold their breath as they await judging.

Math Relays and Science Day are two longstanding campus events that each year draw upwards of 2,000 high school students to the campus to compete, have fun and get to know the university better. These and similar events are recruiting tools for high school students considering where they would like to go to college.
On Science Day, students competed in chemistry, physics and biology, as well as Earth and space sciences. In addition to written and oral tests, the students competed a variety of hands-on activities designed to be fun while also demonstrating the students’ knowledge in physics, natural science, chemistry and biology.
Tim Flood, chair of the Math Department,
said he remembers competing in Math Relays when he was a high school student.
“These are the best math students in their schools and they get to come here and test themselves against the best math students from schools throughout the region.”
Nearly 800 students competed in this year’s Math Relays, which were held in March.