Mohamed Abdellatif didn’t plan to stay long.
“I came to Pittsburg State in Summer 2012 for the International Mini-MBA program,” the Egypt native said. “I planned to take it in one month and then go back home.”
However, a long talk with PSU’s MBA program director, Professor Michael Muoghalu, convinced Abdellatif to make Pittsburg his home for a bit longer.
Abdellatif is one of the nearly 70 international students seeking a Master of Business Administration degree. Of the 121 MBA students in the spring 2013 semester, 67 are citizens of somewhere other than the United States.
“This is a trend that we’ve seen grow over the past several years,” Muoghalu said. “We have a great international presence in our MBA program.”
The diversity is significant. More than 20 countries are currently represented within the MBA program.
Muoghalu said diversity is important within a business school because of the ever-growing global marketplace.
“It’s important to understand different cultures and different human behaviors,” he said.