Everyone knows teachers change lives, but sometimes they’re even called to save them.

That was the case for first-year teacher Tracy Naumann (BSED 2011), a third-grade teacher at Rockdale Elementary School in Miami, Okla., last fall.

Naumann’s students, who eat their meals in the classroom, were finishing their meals when one of the boys came running up to her in distress. His face was already purple and it was clear that he had food lodged in his throat.

Naumann had taken a CPR class at PSU and her training immediately kicked in. She performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the youngster, dislodging the food, and he began breathing again.

It wasn’t until later, Naumann said, that the magnitude of what had happened began to sink in.

“My instructor told us you never know when you will need the skills you learn here. How right she was,” Naumann said in an interview published in the local paper.