When the College of Technology purchased a 55-inch iPlan Table last fall, for its construction management program, it was one of the nation’s first universities to boast the new technology.
Not long after, the college purchased two additional iPlan Tables, which gives students more access to the technology that is reshaping the construction industry.
“The two new iPlan Tables were purchased so students could have access at multiple locations and will be part of some of our future simulations,” Jim Otter, School of Construction chairman, said. “This way, students can have access regardless of class being in progress.”
“More and more, construction companies are eliminating the use of paper,” Bill Strenth, assistant professor in the School of Construction, said. “Everything is trending toward digital, which is in line with companies trying to go lean and green on projects. We want our students to be exposed to these technologies while they’re at Pitt State so they’ll be fully prepared to use them once they enter the workforce.”