Every year, the National Society of Leadership and Success offers paid internships to college students who want to start a society chapter at their respective campuses.

Paige Billingsley

And every year, thousands of students from across the country apply. For 2013, that number hit the 3,000 mark.
“Of those 3,000,” Paige Billingsley, a senior marketing student at PSU said, “only 30 got it. Thirty out of 3,000. It’s a tough one to get.”
Billingsley applied and went through a rigorous process that involved “six or seven interviews.”
“I was one of the 30 chosen to start a local chapter,” she said. “This is a great opportunity for me, but it’s also a great opportunity for Pitt State students to get involved with a successful and effective leadership program that will benefit them now and especially when they graduate.”
The National Society of Leadership and Success is a nationwide community of college leaders dedicated to “building leaders who make a better world.” It is one of the largest honor organizations in the United States.