The first place prospective students and their parents visit when they come to PSU is the Student Welcoming Center, which is now located in the old Horace Mann laboratory school. Today’s visitors are likely not aware of the building’s original purpose, but many former students have fond memories of their days in the school.

Dr. Aldon Bebb, director of the lab school from 1953 until 1962 and director of elementary education until 1973, said students in Horace Mann benefited from being on campus.

“The children attended many types of things that the ordinary public schools couldn’t do,” Bebb said. “Their curriculum was quite improved. We were cited as a very, very good teacher education program.”

Horace Mann was built in 1927 and served as a lab school for grades 1-6 until 1971. It was renovated in 2000 and now houses the offices of Admission, Financial Aid, Housing, Student Diversity and Career Services. A laboratory high school operated in Russ Hall until 1951, when College High was completed. College High is now home to the Kelce College of Business.