When the Students in Free Enterprise organization changed its name to Enactus last year, it also took on an expanded mission: to make the group more inclusive and diverse.

Susan Hurt

Susan Hurt

Suzanne Hurt, PSU’s Enactus adviser, is proud of the way her group is already moving toward that goal. She also strives to make similar gains with the national organization.

Hurt, who has served as PSU’s Enactus adviser for two years and has 25 years of advising experience, was last year named to the Enactus United States Faculty Advisory Committee.

A group comprised of faculty and administrative personnel from throughout the U.S., the Faculty Advisory Committee is tasked with enhancing Enactus programming activities including training, developing mentoring and best practice sharing for all Enactus campuses and assisting in strategies to enhance Enactus team relations within the Enactus network.

“I am very honored to be selected to represent Pittsburg State University and our Enactus team at the national level,” Hurt said. “During a time of change within the Enactus U.S. organization, I believe my 25 years of experience in leading students and serving communities will allow me to bring meaningful input to the committee.”