Construction everywhere made it a typical summer at PSU

 Never in Pittsburg State University’s history has so much construction been going on at the same time. But for Paul Stewart, director of facilities planning, and Lindell Haverstic, project architect, this past summer was pretty much a typical summer on campus.

“In terms of dollar value, yes (it is unusual), because of the Center for the Arts,” Stewart said. “Also, the current projects are higher profile projects, so they have everyone’s attention.”

Overman Student Center

Overman Student Center

Stewart said that each of the nine summers he’s experienced since coming to PSU have been busy.

“What I look at is the number of projects,” Stewart said. “Whether it’s a small project or a large project, it takes the same amount of our involvement. What we think about is the number of projects and Lindell and I have carried three to four projects a summer each and that’s where we’re at, still.”

The Office of Facilities Planning coordinated five major projects representing more than $60 million of work this past summer. Those include the installation of a new HVAC system in Heckert-Wells, the renovation of half of Nation residence hall, the expansion and renovation of the Overman Student Center, and the completion of the new Bicknell Family Center for the Arts and the new Plaster Indoor Event Center.

Some projects, like residence hall renovation, must be done in the brief time over the summer months when most students are away from campus, he said. This is the sixth consecutive year that PSU has renovated one of its residence halls.  Additionally, the summer is when a lot of other university departments request services for new projects they are considering.

Plaster Center Construction

Plaster Center

“I believe that we are exceptional in the amount of work that we have for the size of the university,” Stewart said. “For our size. I’m just amazed at what we have going on.”

Heckert Wells

Heckert Wells