After nearly six months at its original location at 111 W. 4th Street, the student-run Krimson Kultuur store, opened in May at its new downtown home at 508 N. Broadway.

The store, which sells items made by local and international artisans, is located next to Europe Park in downtown Pittsburg. Enactus Adviser Suzanne Hurt said the group plans to take advantage of the store’s “attractive neighbor.”

“Europe Park is a gem in our downtown area, and we’re excited to have our store sit right next door,” she said. “We see great opportunities to have cultural music and entertainment in the park, and it will be a nice place for students to sit and do homework and maybe have a cup of coffee.”

And if all goes as planned, the coffee will come from Krimson Kultuur.

“We hope to work with some of our partners to open a little coffee shop in the store,” said former Enactus president Sam Bogle said. “That would be a great addition not only to our store, but also to the downtown area.”

Krimson Kultuur opened for business in November 2013, and Bogle said she’s pleased with the store’s success.

“It’s gone very well so far,” she said. “I think a lot of people doubted whether or not a new downtown store could do well, especially one that’s run by students. But I think we’ve laid a solid foundation for what this store could be in the future. I’m incredibly impressed with our success thus far.”