It’s no surprise that PSU social work students are expected to make a difference in the world, but when she put pencil to paper at the end of the spring semester, even Associate Professor Kristen Humphrey was surprised at how successful her students had been.

Humphrey found that students in Advance Social Work Practice III organized and led 13 projects that raised $12,119 for various organizations.

“That’s impressive!” Humphrey said.

Raising dollars wasn’t the most important aspect of the students’ work, Humphrey added.

“Not all of the projects had raising money as their primary goal,” Humphrey said. “In most cases it was about helping organizations and the people they serve.”

Humphrey said projects like these are both a benefit for the agencies and a learning experience for students who soon will be following careers in social work.

“I am very proud of our social work students who led these efforts and proud of our other students who stepped up and participated in their efforts,” Humphrey said.