Likes the email magazine
This is Richard [Dick] Kelly, alumni of KSTC, mailing a well-deserved compliment to all the staff of Email Magazine! I received mine this morning and spent an enjoyable morning viewing the college I went to, starting in 1949 when I left the Army Air Corp. I earned the GI Bill with three years of service. The war was over in 1946 when I enlisted. I was in the Air Training Command teaching B29 bomber mechanics how to service the new jet engines that were coming in to use in B47s.
Upon my discharge and marriage, I came back to Pittsburg. My parents lived there. I was born in Arma, just up the road a few miles. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to study. After some counseling, I decided I would pursue a degree in Mechanic Arts, Printing. Everything was hot metal then. I had great teachers [Ray Boyer for one] and graduated in 1952.
My first job was in a country weekly in Garnett, Kan., called The Anderson County News. After two years we moved to Kittanning, Pa. I worked in two more newspapers and then was promoted to production manager in Zelienople, Pa., at the Butler County News and also worked for two other weekly publications, the Sharpsburg Herald and North Hills News News Record.
After 35 years employment I retired in 1987. I look back to my time at KSTC with fond memories. The e-magazine I just viewed brought so many back, especially the well-done piece about Russ Hall. I worked for the student council during my free time at their refreshment stand. My wife and I made sandwiches to sell between classes. Seeing the marble stairs at the entrance brought back many memories for its location was underneath those steps.
I am now 86 years old and thank you for allowing me to reflect on the time I was a student at Pitt State. It is a tremendous college that I am proud to have been a part of! The Pitt State Magazine is so well done. Keep up the good work for all of us alumni!

BS ‘52, Mech. Arts


Island greetings
Aloha Pitt State!
Brian SharpI thoroughly enjoy reading the magazine and learning about alums, new programs, new campus develop-ments, etc. I graduated in ‘99 BS in CET and have burned with Pitt Pride ever since! As a construction professional, I am beyond excited to see the progress of the performing arts center and am looking forward to its completion and opening. What a great addition to a beautiful campus.
As a co-founder of the Pitt State Bike Club (with Jason Barrett) in 1996-97, I have enjoyed many cycling adventures in my Pitt State kit and have attached (a photo from) one of those events. This was my finish atop Onyx Summit in California, 8,447ft. The ride culminated here after 78 miles and a total of 14,000 ft. of climbing. A downhill 40-mi. return to the start line was more than welcome!
My wife and I transferred to Honolulu last June 2013. Hopefully we’ll return to the Mainland in a few years.
Go Pitt! Always a Gorilla,


Proud Gorilla mom
My name is Carin Gosch and I am a mother of two Pitt State students. My son, Cade Gosch, received his undergraduate degree in Communications in May of 2012 and received his masters’ degree in Communication in May. My daughter, Krista, is a sophomore education major.
I enjoy reading your magazine even though I am not a Pitt State alumnae. I married into a long tradition of Pitt State alumni. My two children are 5th generation Pitt State students, which I assume is extremely rare. My children’s great-great grandfather, great-grandfather, grandmother, and father were all Pitt State graduates. My father-in-law was a member of the 1961 national championship football team, and my brother-in-law was on the 1991 championship team. So as you can see, I’m not exaggerating when I speak of Pitt State tradition!

Thank you,