There were the inevitable comparisons to the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark as Delia Lister, coordinator of the Nature Reach science education program, and a crew of volunteers and staff moved scores of animals from their home in Heckert-Wells Hall to temporary quarters in Hartman Hall in April.

The move, required by a major HVAC project in Heckert-Wells, went smoothly and gently.

Lister noted that moving can be stressful for humans and animals, as well. “It’s probably hardest on the mammals,” she said, as she coaxed a pair of prairie dogs out of a tube in their enclosure.

Non-venomous snakes, the iguana and others were carried by hand to their new, temporary homes. The copperhead and rattlesnakes made the journey safely confined in their enclosures.

“We had a lot of help making the move today,” Lister said. “That definitely made the process go more smoothly. We appreciate all the help.”