In the spring of 2013, the Kansas State Department of Education asked PSU’s Wood Technology program to build a new desk for the KSDE board room.

“And what we ended up with was a piece of art,” said Dale Dennis, KSDE deputy commissioner.

Pitt State officials, faculty and students visited the KSDE on Nov. 12 for a special presentation on the new desk and other wood components that were built at the university’s Kansas Technology Center.

Diane DeBacker, KSDE commissioner, praised the university for the “hard work and pride” that went into each piece.

Pitt State wood technology faculty Doug Hague and Charlie

Phillips spent nearly 800 hours building the desk, tables and cabinets. Both said it was an “honor” to see their work now being used at the state capital.

The desk, which accommodates 13 people, is made of quarter-paneled walnut and zebrawood, which Phillips described as an

“exotic material.” It also features a special design feature: a birdseye maple inlay of the state of Kansas in the center.