People make Pitt State the special place it is. We wish to thank these members of the faculty & staff for their service as they enter retirement.


Sandra Bauchmoyer, Professor, Health, Human Performance & Recreation Judy Berry-Bravo, University Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures

Dennis Bounds, Officer, University Police & Parking Services Tom Bryant, President Emeritus, Professor, Health Human Performance & Recreation

Henry Emadipour, Professor, Plastics Engineering Technology

Steve Hall, Electrician, Building Trades & Landscape Maintenance

Richard Herling, Assistant Professor, Technology & Workforce Learning

Bill Ivy, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Success

John Johnson, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletics

Larry Joy, Electronics Technician Senior, Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology

Chuck Killingsworth, Professor, Health, Human Performance & Recreation

Donna Lair, Lab Educational Technician, Biology

Cederick Lindskog, Professor, Psychology & Counseling

Stephen Meats, Professor, English

Lorna Metro, Senior Administrative Specialist, Development

Marilyn Miller, Custodial Services, Custodial and General Services

Sarah Tosh, Administrative Specialist, History, Philosophy & Social Science

Jim Triplett, University Professor, Biology

Cap Ulrey, Electronics Technologist, College of Technology