PSU took a big step forward in the field of education when it created the new Kansas Center for Career and Technical Education.
The KCCTE’s purpose is to provide technical and professional development for Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors through a variety of workshops, online resources and mentoring programs.
It includes the development of a network that will allow and encourage teachers who attend national conferences to share their knowledge with colleagues throughout the state and a web-based tool linking career and technical educators across Kansas. A mobile teaching unit, featuring simulators and training systems, will travel throughout the state to deliver hands-on teaching to instructors in their own school districts.
President Steve Scott said the KCCTE is a perfect match for Pittsburg State.
“It’s an area of strength for us,” Scott said. “It’s an area we have a statewide responsibility and a mandate for. It matches up with the governor’s roadmap. It matches up with Pittsburg State University. It matches up with the regents’ initiative.”
Gov. Brownback visited Pitt State last spring to announce the state’s $1 million investment to create the KCCTE. That targeted funding for the center was part of a higher education funding bill passed by the Kansas Legislature last year.