The MBA Association at Pittsburg State University has its first official sponsor.
Labette Bank donated $3,000 to the MBA Association to help fund the group’s annual events and activities. The donation comes as the culmination of the association’s yearlong effort to raise funds.
“Fundraising is not an easy task, and we were getting to a point where our budget was running low,” said Kevin Chrisjohn, December graduate and former president of the MBA Association. “I thought it would be important for us in the long-term to try to secure more stable funding sources.”
Chrisjohn said he worked with Kelce College of Business leaders on the approach and proposal to Labette Bank.
“It ended up working very well because Labette Bank was looking to be more involved with Pitt State at the same time we were looking for sponsors,” he said. “We talked to them about our needs, and they stepped up to help. We’re incredibly grateful for their support.”