The Department of Psychology and Counseling has launched a new concentration for undergraduate psychology majors that focuses on the unique issues faced by America’s military men and women.
Professor Julie Allison said the concentration will help PSU students prepare for a wide range of jobs created by the military to meet the needs of service members experiencing behavioral health complications due to deployments, trauma and the effects of families being separated for long periods of time.
“In recent years the Department of Defense has hired an increasing number of people with social service graduate and undergraduate degrees,” Allison said. “That includes psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, social workers, drug and alcohol counselors, prevention specialists, social service assistants, and case managers.”
Allison said the military is also looking at ways to increase human performance and resiliency, using a holistic approach.
“Most military bases now have resiliency centers and resiliency campuses to teach service men and women and their families resiliency techniques that help them deal more effectively with the unique challenges they have. As a result, they are seeing very positive outcomes in reducing problems.”
Students interested in the concentration must be psychology majors who have completed 60 hours of course work with a 3.0 grade point average. After they apply, a background check is conducted.
“We are very excited about the possibilities for our students to help soldiers and veterans,” Allison said.
For more information, contact the Department of Psychology and Counseling at 620-235-4523.