The wood technology program received a significant upgrade in the fall thanks to the support from two major wood technology companies.
Veneer Services, based in Indianapolis, donated a double-knife guillotine, veneer splicer and glue clamp table, three state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that are used regularly in today’s wood tech industry. The overall value of the equipment is more than $210,000.
The other industry partner that had a hand in this donation was Houston-based Brochsteins. In 2013, Brochsteins donated approximately 1 million square feet of high-quality veneer, which the students used in their wood tech lab activities. A portion of that veneer was given to Veneer Services in exchange for the new equipment.
“Because of our budget, there is no way we could have ever purchased that quality of veneer or the new equipment that was just donated to us,” said Assistant Professor Doug Hague, “but our industry partners have stepped up in huge ways to help give our students the educational experience they need.”