Adrian Herrera set out to help prepare the campus for a switch to a secure wireless system and ended up winning a national award.
Herrera, a graduate student from Topeka, received a first-place award at the National Student Electronic Media Convention sponsored by College Broadcasters Inc., for a video public service announcement he created to promote the university’s switch to GusNet.
Troy Comeau, director of the broadcasting program in the Department of Communication, said the award showcases how different departments on campus can work together to create something that can be recognized nationwide.
Chief Information Officer Angela Neria said the PSA was part of a strong effort to prepare students for the change.
“As we moved the traditional open wireless network to our new secure network, GusNET, we knew that we would need a full marketing campaign to effectively reach campus and communicate why this project was important and to encourage campus to move over to the new wireless seamlessly,” Neria said. “Adrian took the job on and exceeded our expectations. The professionalism of the PSA and Adrian’s ability to capture what we had in mind and create the perfect message was top notch. Not only was the PSA extremely successful in communicating the ‘right’ message so was the move to GusNET, due in part no doubt to the excellent work by Adrian.”
Herrera said he was happy to be honored as one of the top national finalists and winning the top award was a complete surprise.
“I was very excited to find out that I won.” Herrera said. “It’s great that our department can be recognized for its achievements and it’s nice that my work can be validated not only locally but on a national level.”