The Kansas City Fellows alternative teaching certification program has been “reinvigorated,” according to Howard Smith, dean of the College of Education.
The masters degree program, which prepares people who have degrees in specific content areas to become middle school and high school teachers in the Kansas City, Kan., school district, enrolled its first cohort in 2001. More than 200 teachers went through the program over the next decade. Recently, however, there has been a gap.
Smith said the catalyst to reinvigorate the program is the same now as it was when the program began.
“There are a number of vacancies that the district just hasn’t been able to fill through traditional methods,” Smith said.
Smith said the teaching fellows program has already had a tremendous impact on students.
“We’re excited to be able to help the district continue to meet the needs of its students and provide the high quality educational experience the district’s patrons expect and deserve,” Smith said.
For more information on the KC Fellows alternative teaching certification program, contact the KC Metro Center, 913-529-4487.