As co-owner of the Lawrence-based architecture firm Clark Huesemann LC, Steve Clark is no stranger to the PSU campus.

“Members of our firm, including myself, have been working on projects at Pittsburg State since 1994,” he said. “We enjoy working with PSU because the people there are fantastic. We work with a lot of universities, and the folks at PSU, from Dr. Scott on down, are second-to-none.”

Clark and his firm are again working with PSU, as the university has hired Clark Huesemann as the architect for the Kelce College of Business renovation and expansion project. The project was made possible by a
$3 million pledged gift from Pittsburg State alumni John and Susan Lowe, of Houston, Texas.

“We are very excited to hire Clark Huesemann as the architecture firm for this project,” said Paul Grimes, dean of the Kelce College of Business. “The firm does excellent work, as it has proven many times on our campus.”

Grimes said the project is now in the “programming stage,” a time when the university and architects will develop a plan of action for the facility.

“During the next 12 months, we’ll work closely with the architects to determine just what we need and how we can best accomplish our goals,” he said. “We want to create a facility that will enhance the learning environment for our students, and we’re excited to begin that process.”