When sophomore Kolleen Gladden heard her named called as the next Pittsburg State Student Government Association vice president, her first thought was of her running mate and new SGA president, Hank Cloninger.

“Hank had been so incredibly stressed about the election that I just felt relieved for his sake,” Gladden said.
Her response, slightly tongue-in-cheek, was Gladden’s way of saying that the new president has and will always have her support.

“I believed Hank was the absolute best person for the (SGA president) position,” she said, “and I knew that I had the passion for Pittsburg State University required to fill the VP position. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people who all have amazing ideas for the University, and I hoped to team up with Hank to make these a reality.”

Cloninger, a junior accounting major and Pittsburg native, said their goals for the coming year include securing free printing for students across campus, offering safety concealed-carry courses for students and adding degrees through “collaboration of departments to make specialized degree programs.”

They also hope to organize a 10-week diversity project to show solidarity among various groups on campus.