I just read the spring issue of the PittState Magazine and wanted to tell you that you do a fantastic job. You make me wish I had gone to Pitt State.
I feel like I’m a Gorilla!
Stan Hicks, Enid, Okla.
(By the power vested in me as editor of the PittState Magazine, I pronounce Stan Hicks an honorary Gorilla! – RW)

Well, my latest copy of the Pitt State Magazine just arrived. Bill Clinton lectures the student body at PSU. To say I’m speechless would be an understatement.
He’s a liar…a draft dodger…an adulterer… and was impeached. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How that background and resume qualifies for favorable consideration as a guest speaker escapes me.
For those of us who have left the great state of Kansas, and now reside in other places in the country, it sometimes mystifies us as to what’s going on there. We watch in shock as the nuts from a Baptist Church in Topeka attend veterans funerals all over the U.S. and display hateful signs and slurs, and now we learn of this– Bill Clinton speaks at PSU as an honored guest.
Political correctness at the home of the famous Chicken Annie’s. How sad.
For the first time in 50 years I’m embarrassed to say I’m a graduate of Pittsburg State University.
Lt. Col. Steve Ehart, U.S. Army, Ret., BS ’66, Edinburg, Va.

Setting the record straight
I have a correction for you in the “Class Notes” section of the Spring 2016 magazine. Under “Class of 1975–Randall Love,” you indicate that Mr. Love played basketball at PSU under Coach Bill Johnson. That is not correct. Mr. Love played for my father, Bob Johnson. Thanks.
Chris Johnson, BA ‘71
(For readers who don’t know, Bob Johnson served as head basketball coach at PSU from 1967 until 1980 and as head golf coach from 1977 until 1984. He also served as a long-time member of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department. Bob led the Gorillas to 157 victories during his 14-year basketball tenure, including the 1975 GPAC title. He also guided the Gorillas to a 22-8 record and a trip to the NAIA National Tournament in 1972. Johnson was inducted into the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1986 and was named to PSU’s Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame in 2012. Thanks for catching that error, Chris! – the editor.)