Given the chance to choose between traditional on-air fundraising and making pledges in advance by phone and online, KRPS listeners made it clear last fall what they preferred. In just two-and-one-half hours, the public radio station reached its fall fundraising goal of $48,990.
Missi Kelly, KRPS general manager, said the brief on-air campaign was the result of a new approach to fundraising that the station began with its spring campaign, dubbed the warp drive.
Kelly said the warp drive involved promotion several weeks in advance of the scheduled on-air campaign in which listeners were urged to help shorten the traditional campaign by making their pledges early, either by phone or online. Like many other public radio stations, KRPS for years has relied on intrusive on-air campaigns that go on for days or even weeks.
Kelly said the success of the fall warp drive inspired the station to employ a similar tactic for the current spring membership drive.