Who better to offer words of encouragement and advice to new teachers than the Kansas superintendent of the year?
Cynthia Lane, a PSU alumna, superintendent of the Kansas City, Kan., schools and the 2016 Kansas superintendent of the year, spoke to education students in December, in advance of their graduation and the beginning of their careers as teachers.
Speaking at the College of Education’s Student Teacher Recognition Ceremony, Lane said she was optimistic about the future.
“You are entering the field at a remarkable time,” Lane told the students. “(It is) a time when our federal government and our state leaders are beginning to understand that we need to begin to focus on educating the whole child, not just the test score.”
Lane congratulated the students for “choosing the profession that truly makes the most difference in the world. It is a worthy endeavor,” Lane said. “It is a difficult endeavor. You will be challenged and you will be pushed and you will be asked to stretch yourself.”
Lane didn’t promise that the path ahead would always be smooth.
“Your first two years may not be a lot of fun, frankly. It’s difficult,” Lane said. “But realize that you’re learning to put it all together to help those children reach their dreams.”
She offered three things for students to think about as they begin their teaching careers.
“Number one, be informed,” Lane said. “Number two, be clear and intentional about every act and, number three, be inspired and inspire others.”
Lane said one source of inspiration for teachers is in the students they serve.
“Listen to their stories,” Lane said. “Find hope in their stories. And then use those stories to inspire you to get out of bed every day and know that each and every moment you spend with children shapes their lives, shapes our communities’ lives, shapes our state and will transform this nation into the nation that we all dream America can be.”
Following Lane’s address, the College of Education presented a medallion to each graduating senior and recognized the Delta Kappa Gamma/Lyla Vaughn Award winners, Aaron Dean of Overland Park, Kan.; and Ashley Dyche, of Shawnee, Kan.
The event concluded with the students’ taking of the Teacher’s Oath.